Tamar Braxton has released the music video for her hit single, "Love & War."

The black-and-white video is shot on a beach and in a mansion and was directed by Walid Azami. Azami is a celebrity and fashion photographer who has works with the likes of Madonna, Usher, Ciara, Nicki Minaj, and many more notable stars.

The song became a hit after being released, climbing to the number one spot on ITunes within 24 hours, beating out top tracks by notable artists such as Rihanna and Alicia Keys, who also had new singles out.

Braxton spoke with celebrity site Theybf.com about the music video, saying "The concept is about being vulnerable and being sexy. Pretty much about being in a relationship that you are trying to figure out.  I'm wearing a very simple, very expensive sweatshirt. 

"I’m chilling at the house, then me and my husband [Vince Herbert] get in an argument. It's very narrative. We simply play out the lyrics of the song."

She went on to say, "There’s a guy that’s in the video but you never see his face. And I did that because the song means so much to so many people that I wanted everybody to picture their man or their mate so they can really feel what the song is about."

In December, Braxton went on the Wendy Williams show to perform "Love And War," for the first time. Her husband, Vincent Herbert, who manages Lady Gaga, was in the front row to support his wife.

The couple has their own reality show, "Tamar & Vince," which, in part, chronicles Braxton’s goals of becoming a music icon like her sister, Toni Braxton.

Check out "Love & War" below: