A YouTube video of a toddler getting a tattoo has begun to go viral after news sites began covering the outrageous clip on Monday.

It’s currently unknown when the video was shot, and its authenticity has yet to be verified.

All that is known about the YouTube film is that a little boy is terrified as he writhes in agony, trying to get away from the needle plunging into his right arm.

The clip is a little more than a minute long and shows the boy being restrained by a woman as a tattoo artist places ink into the child’s right arm.

The child is held down by a woman and there appear to be three adults in the room, including the tattoo artist.

At one point the mother tells the distraught toddler, “mire, mire” Spanish for “look, look,” as if seeing a needle penetrating his soft delicate baby skin would sooth his cries.

Techno music can be heard blasting in the background of the one-minute, six-second film that was posted over the weekend, as if that would help the child be any calmer.

The UK’s The Sun believes that the video was posted onto YouTube from Cuba, but didn’t cite any sources.

There isn’t any information saying what type of tattoo the toddler was getting and nor any reason (as unacceptable as it may be) as to why the child was being forced to get the permanent mark.

Most websites are speculating that the woman restraining the child as he gets the tattoo is indeed his mother, but again nothing has been verified.

The video is extremely disturbing to watch, and it’s no surprise that some viewers are unable to get through the short clip.

Viewers of the video have condemned it, with one commenter saying: "What the f*** is wrong with these people!? A b**** like that is not worthy having a kid."

One wrote: "What mother in the right mind can put their child through some bull**** like this.

"Some women just should not be blessed with being a mommy."

Another person commented: "I’d love told hold her down and tattoo BAD MOTHER across her forehead and see how the f*** she likes it."

Check out the graphic video below: