Apple tablet supply chain points to Q2 launch: sources

Suppliers for Apple Inc's new tablet computer have begun shipping touchscreen panels and will start delivering aluminum casings for it next month, sources said, implying a second-quarter product launch. See full article.

Judges question FCC authority in Comcast case

U.S. judges put the Federal Communications Commission in the hot seat on Friday, questioning whether the communications regulator acted properly when it sanctioned Comcast Corp for blocking file-sharing services on its broadband network. See full article.

Google seeks U.S. approval to trade wholesale power

Google Inc has asked the main U.S. energy regulator for authority to buy and sell electricity in the wholesale market to help manage its huge energy needs, as the Internet giant's big data centers soak up large amounts of power. See full article.

Microsoft appeals Word patent case once more

Microsoft Corp on Friday asked for a full panel of judges to review an appeals court decision upholding a $290 million jury verdict against it for infringing a patent held by a small Canadian company. See full article.

Intel announces online netbook app store

Following the success of Apple Inc's online application store, Intel Corp. aims to follow suit and will begin offering an online store with applications for netbook computers. See full article.

Windows Mobile 7 due on LG phones this year

LG Electronics has confirmed the first devices featuring Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows 7 Mobile which will begin retailing later this year. See full article.