Microsoft pulls Office from own online store as 'sales ban' begins

Microsoft Corp. has pulled almost every version of Office from its own online store in compliance with a court order after a patent dispute with Canadian firm i4i. See full article.

Google Nexus One phone parts cost $174: iSuppli

Google Inc's new Nexus One smartphone, which retails for $529 without a service plan, is built from components that cost about $174, according to a research report. See full article.

Facebook's Zuckerg challenges the 'social norm' of online privacy

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that online privacy is no longer the social norm as users of social networking sites like Facebook become more comfortable sharing information on the Internet. See full article.

Europe's Internet kids like to keep it real: survey

They've never known a world without the Internet, but they still prefer to meet their friends offline. A new survey of eight to 14-year-old Europeans by U.S. entertainment, film and theme park company Walt Disney Co showed that the children of Generation X are web-savvy, videogame-playing environmentalists who love their parents. See full article.

Google seeks U.S. approval to trade wholesale power

Google Inc has asked the main U.S. energy regulator for authority to buy and sell electricity in the wholesale market to help manage its huge energy needs, as the Internet giant's big data centers soak up large amounts of power. See full article.