After a tight race for second place between Republicans Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in the Nevada caucus, the former edged past Cruz, who had 21.4 percent of the votes with 100 percent precincts reporting, according to Bloomberg. Front-runner Donald Trump claimed a third straight victory in the race for the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday, while Cruz’s hopes of being the outsider candidate were once again dashed.

To watch a live stream of Cruz's post-Nevada caucuses speech, click here or watch below.

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As the caucuses were going on, Cruz's campaign announced the appointment of its new communications director one day after Cruz fired the predecessor for distributing a doctored video that claimed to show Florida Sen. Marco Rubio dismissing the Bible. Alice Stewart, who has a lengthy history of being involved in political campaigns, including Mike Huckabee's this year, replaces Rick Stewart, reported Politico.

There were multiple reports of disorder and chaos at caucusing sites across the state, according to social media users who were tweeting their purported accounts and experiences that include not being asked to show ID before casting a vote, being allowed to vote twice and caucus workers sporting their T-shirts emblazoned with the names of their preferred candidates — all of which are technically illegal.

What may have been lost in all the reports of confusion is the apparent massive turnout of voters, which stands in stark contrast to past presidential caucuses in the state, which had a low voter turnout in 2012 — 1.9 percent of eligible voters, to be exact.

Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, who reportedly cast his caucus vote for Rubio, took a veiled swipe at Cruz when asked about the Texas senator's opinion on how the governor feels about taxes, according to a tweet from Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Sean Whaley.


Cruz entered Tuesday's contest polling in second place behind Trump's double-digit lead but ahead of Rubio. The Texas senator and Rubio finished at a near tie for second place last weekend in South Carolina.