Following the second episode of Season 7, one of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” stars is speaking out about the way the network edits the documentary series. After her co-star Leah Messer called the network’s practices into question, Jenelle Evans took to Twitter on Monday to voice her concerns about the series' portrayal of her story. 

The latest episode of the show was especially emotional for Evans, 24, as it covered the story of her ex-fiancé taking their son, Kaiser, out of town without permission. She was live-tweeting the entire episode and cautioned fans that it was a particularly difficult one to watch. During the show, she tweeted that MTV was making an already tough time harder for her by making nonsensical edits to the supposedly true-life events. 

Although she’s clearly irate at the network, her comments pale next to Messer's. As Entertainment Tonight notes, the 23-year-old single mother also took to Twitter after the Season 7 premiere to say she felt the show misrepresented her by showing her rushing daughters Aleeah and Aliannah out the door to school without anything to eat. 

“It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by … editing to manipulate the audience watching. It makes me feel like my story just isn’t enough,” she wrote in a series of tweets.

Messer went on to say that she’s hoping to share her story of hitting rock-bottom in order to provide help and guidance to someone who may be going through the same thing. However, she says she now feels betrayed by the network and feels she has to find a way to tell that story on her own. 

Coincidentally, MTV announced Monday that it is making major changes to its overall brand and how it will present itself in the future. Despite the curious timing, this isn’t necessarily an effort prompted by the “Teen Mom 2” star’s complaints but rather a general downturn in the network’s viewership, which claims of shady editing likely won’t help. 

Philippe Dauman, executive chairman and chief executive of Viacom, MTV's parent company, announced the news in an interview with Variety. Apparently, although high-rated shows like “Teen Mom 2” and “The Shannara Chronicles” have helped keep MTV afloat, the network is in need of a shift that Dauman said would come by the end of the next broadcast year.