Jenelle Evans is ready to make a living outside of reality TV. The problem? It seems her latest idea may not be as original as she previously believed. 

The "Teen Mom 2" star debuted her toddler urinal, called Little Kaiser, which is named after her youngest son, Monday. According to Us Weekly, Jenelle set out to share her excitement about launching the new product on March 21 and instead was met with nothing but criticism. Her followers suggested that the Little Kaiser design was a rip off of another, very similar product called the LiL' Marc. One Twitter user went as far as to drag Jenelle's manager, Johnny Donovan, into the controversy. He has since responded, assuring fans that the LiL' Marc brand "went to s---" and contacted them about rebranding — a claim LiL' Marc vehemently denies.

This is hardly the first time Jenelle's fans have turned on her. On Jan. 26, the "Teen Mom 2" star took to Instagram to share that she'd decided not to undergo chin surgery, which she'd been planning for some time. In the caption she wrote that "anyone can work hard enough to get the body they deserve if they work hard enough for it." Followers were quick to point out the redundancy of that statement. 

Jenelle, 24, has not commented any further on Little Kaiser's release. She has since deleted the photo from her Instagram, though her tweet about it can still be seen.