“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is often the subject of internet rumors, and she regularly takes to her official Twitter account to dismantle them. Monday was no different. On the same day a new episode of Season 7 aired, Evans explained herself because some fans were shocked with what they saw.

The show ends with her mother Barbara getting into a fight with her boyfriend, David Eason. When they’re on their way home, her son, Jace, says Evans and Eason don’t want to spend time with him.

“They’re always in the room, and they’re always complaining about me being there,” he tells Barbara. When she asks if they went to the playground, he says, “No, not anymore. Mommy wants to sleep all day. They’re sleeping all the time. It’s spooky.”

But Evans had an explanation for that: Jace doesn’t tell the truth. “Jace lies a lot, sadly, about stuff to me about my mom, and to my mom about me,” she wrote Monday on Twitter. “He thinks that's what we want to hear.”

Another rumor claimed Evans was pregnant with her third child. “Nope, not pregnant. Sorry to burst your bubble,” she tweeted Friday.

Eason’s sister, April Eason McKeithan, denied the claims too. “She is not pregnant, and they’re not engaged,” she told Radar Online Monday. “She has been wearing yoga pants a lot because she goes to the gym every day.”

If the couple did decide to have a child, they would get engaged and married first. “They are doing everything the right way. They’re not in a big hurry to do anything,” McKeithan revealed. “They don’t have time for that because they have too much going on!”

Evans also denied the rumor she was doing drugs again. Even though she exhibited strange behavior in Monday night’s episode, Evans blamed MTV for the way they edited the episode. She said she was doing her makeup and didn’t want to talk to her mom. That’s why her door was locked, and the kids were left alone to play outside.

“Teen Mom 2” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.

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