Jenelle Evans
“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans, pictured April 9, 2016, says MTV “sucks at editing.” Getty Images

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is not happy with MTV, especially after the airing of the preview of Season 7, Episode 9. The reality-TV star was baffled at the way the network edited a clip of a fight between her mother, Barbara Evans, and boyfriend, David Eason.

A North Carolina native, Jenelle Evans bashed the network on Twitter Monday. “On that scene of my mom and David filming arguing ... @MTV did not film me at all that day. They used a different screen from another day,” she said in one tweet. “Showing me upset in my room when I never gave @MTV permission come in my house that day to begin with. So yeah I was doing my makeup,” she said in another.

The 23-year-old mother of two added: “Have a bathroom in the master bedroom and one in my hallway ... I see where everyone is confused by that scene! Sorry @MTV sucks at editing.”

Jenelle Evans told Radar Online she didn’t open a door for her mother because she was getting ready to film a scene. “My mom said that [I was doing drugs] outside of my door to David when I was doing my makeup,” she said. “That’s all I was doing, and my mom freaked out that I locked her out of my room, when it was really to lock the kids out, so they would leave me alone while I did my makeup because we were about to film me going to lunch with my mom.”

According to the reality-TV star, she didn’t give MTV permission to come into her house to film that day. “They used a different scene from a different day to make it look like they got my reaction to my mom, but that is a lie,” she told Radar Online.

Jenelle Evans isn’t the only cast member to be upset with MTV over the making of “Teen Mom 2.” In the past, co-star Leah Messer has accused the show of engaging in fakery.

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