Jenelle Evans and former fiancé Nathan Griffith were, once again, involved in a domestic dispute. The 23-year-old “Teen Mom 2” star is wanted by Myrtle Beach police for allegedly brutally attacking her ex, though she claims that’s not at all what happened.

According to TMZ’s initial report, the incident began when Evans called Griffith Wednesday morning to let him know she was outside of his home vandalizing his car. Griffith’s responded by running outside, where the two were reportedly involved in a screaming match. Things escalated from there with Evans allegedly choking her former beau. Griffith called the police, who arrived on the scene shortly after. According to their assessment, the young man had scratch marks around his neck, bruising on his face and his shirt was ripped.

Evans and her PR team are telling a very different story, however. According to Evans Twitter account, she arrived at Griffith’s home to pick up their 10-month-old son Kaiser. Upon her arrival, she claims Griffith stole her phone and refused to hand over the child. He then reportedly "ran over" her with his truck. Her team says “her attorney is involved,” and she has every intention of “seeking charges.”

The former couple was last spotted spending time together on May 25.

This is the second time Evans and Griffith have been involved in such an incident. On March 5, police arrested Griffith after Evans claimed her ex-fiancé pinned her against a toilet and ripped her engagement ring off her finger. According to her story, the force of him pulling the ring off cut her finger. The initial call was made to police at 4:45 a.m. EDT, but no arrests were made until nearly 12 hours later at 4:15 p.m. EDT. Griffith denied Evans’ story, saying she cut her finger taking the ring off herself. MTV’s film crew was present at the time, according to a police report, but they were locked outside the home during the alleged scuffle.

Police are reportedly still searching for Evans and intend to arrest her when they find her.