Leah Messer has long been ridiculed for her life choices. After facing drug use rumors last year, the “Teen Mom 2” star is now battling accusations that she's hoarding a large amount of clothes in her home.

After a Reddit user, an individual claiming to the daughter of a neighbor of Leah’s, released a photo showing her surprisingly unkept garage, a “source inside of the home” of the reality star spoke out. The unnamed person told TheStarGlam that the image, which showed piles of clothes and toys strewn about, was the result of Leah’s attempt at spring cleaning for an upcoming garage sale. Leah, 23, shared a similar sentiment on Twitter.

“Leah was doing some spring cleaning and purging all of the girls closets and drawers of old clothing,” the source told TheStarGlam. The insider said the shot of Leah’s garage was snapped while she was out tanning with her sister. “Leah’s brother-in-law left the garage door open not realizing neighbors were stalking the house and taking pictures,” reports the site. In an effort to combat claims Leah’s house is less-than-tidy, the individual shared several images of the inside of the MTV star's home “within minutes." The photos show closeups to Leah’s recently vacuumed carpet, made beds and overall tidy atmosphere. 

Despite Leah claiming her house is not usually messy, Leah’s neighbor’s relative also bashed the mother of three’s lifestyle on Reddit. “She lives across the street from my mom and she’s way more of a hot mess than she shows,” the individual wrote, according to Starcasm's transcript.

While it appears Leah has put the photo controversy behind her, she has an dramatic season of “Teen Mom 2” ahead. On Monday, MTV will premiere the docuseries’ seventh season where Leah will face her custody battle with her ex-husband Corey Simms over their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. A sneak peek of Monday’s season premiere also reveals Leah and Corey will be battling with Ali’s muscular dystrophy diagnosis. 

“Teen Mom 2” Season 7, episode 1 airs Monday, March 21, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.