Throughout Season 6 of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer battled rumors she was suffering from drug addiction. She left for rehab towards the end of the 2015 installment, saying her visit was due to depression and anxiety. Now, following the conclusion of Season 6, the mom of three is speaking out about the drug rumors and her experiences in therapy.

During a MTV Q&A on Facebook Wednesday night, Leah, 23, opened up about her treatment. When one fan questioned why she was beating “around the bush” about why she really sought help, Leah responded, saying, “Because treatment isn't only for addiction. Treatment facilities aren’t just for addicts.”

The fan’s comment followed statements made by Leah’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, on the show. During several episodes Corey hinted that his ex-wife had a drug problem. Due to Corey’s allegations, Leah received a court order to take a drug test early on in the season, which she passed. When viewers questioned why Leah didn’t stand up for herself when Corey and his wife, Miranda, were fueling the drug rumors, she says it was because she didn’t want to deal with any confrontation.

“I tried to defend myself without confrontation," she wrote. "No matter what I done or said their minds were set on their own opinions.”

Watch Leah talk about her plans to attend therapy in a scene from "Teen Mom 2" Season 6 below:

Despite calling therapy the “best experience” of her life, Leah says it didn’t change her completely. “I see a positive change, but no one comes back from treatment 100 [percent]! It takes a lot of work and willingness! I will be where I’m destined to be as a mom and being!”

Fresh off her trip to rehab and her second divorce – she split with Jeremy Calvert in June -- Leah says she’s not interested in having a new relationship or more kids. “Babies are not even on my mind,” Leah confessed. As for if she will find love again, Leah, who has been rumored to be dating drill specialist T.R. Dues since June, said, “When the time is right.”

With Season 6 under her belt Leah says she will continue to seek treatment and take care of her children. She shares custody of twins Ali and Aleeah, 5, with Corey, and Adalynn, 2, with Jeremy.

“I am following through with therapy and outpatient and taking care of my girls,” she said. While Leah previously pursued a higher education on the show, she shared that school doesn’t fit into her current life plans. “My girls need me right now," she added.

Ultimately, Leah says she feels like she’s in a good place. “I am happy and doing everything to be the best version of myself possible.”

Watch Leah on the "Teen Mom 2" Season 6 reunion special Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.