Teen Wolf Season Spoilers What will happen to Stiles during Season 4 of "Teen Wolf"? Photo: Teen Wolf

“Teen Wolf” has done it again by keeping fans of the popular MTV show on the tips of their toes until episode 20, “Echo House” airs on Feb. 24. So, what can “Teen Wolf” lovers expect to happen when Scott, Stiles and the gang makes their way back to the small screen? Well, it looks like more drama than ever before has been jam-packed into the hour-long TV show -- starting with Stiles checking himself into a mental asylum.

The reason Scott’s best friend is now locked behind padded-walls is because of the pesky nogitsune that has decided to live under sweet Stiles’ skin. Now, everyone’s favorite sarcastic character has turned into a darker creature when the evil kitsune acts up. That’s why Stiles had taken it upon himself to lock himself away. And although Scott didn’t initially agree with the rash decision, the show’s protagonist knows it’s for the greater good if the nogitsune is prevented from being able to hurt his friends and family.

But what does that mean for Stiles? Well, according to a promo for “Echo House,” Stiles’ life is now at risk because of the mischievous creature lurking under his epidermis layer.

“Would you feel any remorse putting Stiles down?” Derek asked Chris the heated question on everyone’s minds. “Stiles, yes,” Chris answered. “But not a nogitsune.”

Oh no, should we be expecting the worse when episode 20 airs? Although Stiles is doing everything in his power to control the nogitsune, it looks like the odds are against him -- especially when Stiles is sedated after a snarky comment regarding a bottle of stolen pills.

“I can’t go to sleep!” Stiles screamed in the promo, after apologizing to the workers for his sassy ways. Looks like we’ll all get to see the nogitsune come out and play when “Teen Wolf” makes its way back to the small screen on Feb. 24. Actually, the creepy creature will be doing more mischief in episode 20 than ever before when it forces Stiles to lock lips with a special someone. TV Line hinted that there will be one person in particular whom Stiles will find a mutual attraction “and more” with.

And that’s not all the news we have for you, “Teen Wolf” fans. Reports indicate that Meagan Tandy, who plays Braden, will reprise her role when the fourth season of the series debuts. “The interview was awkward bcuz I didn’t know what I could say but I can definitely say now I WILL be apart of Season 4 #MoreBradenComing,” the actress tweeted to her fans.

Although that’s pretty exciting news, we just hope that Dylan O’Brien will be tweeting the same sentiments soon. Could you even imagine “Teen Wolf” without Stiles?