“Teen Wolf” will be welcoming a new supernatural character when the MTV series returns for Season 4 June 23. And according to rumors, this paranormal creature will huff and puff and blow Beacon Hills away with one giant roar. What is this new entity added to the acclaimed MTV series? Well, it’s a “werejaguar,” and it’s played be the one and only Jill Wagner.

Wagner took on the role of Kate Argent during her stint on the drama. Ironically, Kate was a werewolf hunter. She even tortured and used Derek during her time on the show, attempting to wipe the “beasts” off the face of the Earth. But the fearless hunter met her match when she eventually found herself trapped in the clutches of Peter Hale, an Alpha Werewolf.

Angry over the crimes Kate had committed against his family, Peter threatened to kill Allison’s aunt if she didn't show remorse. Ultimately, he ended up ripping out her throat, leaving her corpse bleeding on the floor. Kate’s body was found and was buried in the Beach Hills Cemetery — or so we thought.

During the Season 3 finale, fans were given the ultimate surprise when Kate returned from the dead — as a werewolf! But unlike any werewolf we’ve ever seen before. With a blue face, black lips, fangs and green eyes, the scorned werewolf hunter shot Derek in the chest.

“It’s real,” he gasped. “You’re real.”

Before getting blasted, Derek explained that he had a “dream” about a creature called “La loba.” The wolf was being chased by Spanish-speaking hunters, and eventually they were killed one-by-one by the creature, which was lurking in the smoke-filled room.

Derek explained that he had heard several versions of how one could be turned into a werewolf. Even a scratch could result in transformation. That’s when Wagner’s character steps out from the smoke and shoots Derek.

How do we know this new creature is a werejaguar? Well, Wagner tweeted a confirmation of the new character on her Twitter account Monday.

“Enter the were jaguar @MTVteenwolf,” she wrote to her 62,000 followers the night the Season 3 finale aired.