“Teen Wolf” will be making its howling return when the hit MTV series begins its fourth season on Monday, June 23. Excited? We are, too – especially because we’re itching to see what has become of Stiles since that crazy Season 3.

Dylan O’Brien’s beloved character was near unrecognizable last season when the pesky Nogitsune overtook his body, causing a reign of chaos in once-quiet town of Beach Hills. Just kidding – when was Beach Hill ever quiet? The town has been overrun with noisy supernatural entities for as long as we can remember.

So, what should fans anticipate for their favorite, sassy “Teen Wolf” character come Season 4? Well, Melissa Ponzio, who plays Scott McCall’s mother in the series, opened up about that exact question during her latest interview with myFanbase.

Ponzio explained what would become of Stiles now that the warmth we’ve typically seen in his character became frozen with Season 3’s chilling storyline.

“I think Dylan's finest work to date was last season as he danced between Stiles and VoidStiles. I was so thrilled to work with him as VS, it was really fun,” she said. “I feel you are right, there are shockwaves that were left by VoidStiles, and we're going to have to heal the wounds he left. I think then the warmth will come back, with our beloved Stiles being 'back to normal' ... although what is normal anymore, right?”

Does that mean we can expect Stiles to return to his once bubbly self? Or should we brace ourselves for a long, hard road of recovery? What Stiles went through was horrific enough to make anyone hide away in the dark – especially because it led to the death of two of his friends.

What are your predictions for Stiles come Season 4? Chime in with your theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into the Season 4 premiere of “Teen Wolf” when the MTV series airs on Monday, June 23.