“Teen Wolf” Season 5 will take fans back in time. The entire season will be a flashback from Lydia (Holland Roden), who is trying to recall what traumatic events put her in Eichen House. However, episode 6 of the MTV drama will take viewers back to when Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack were all young kids — a time when Stiles’ mother was still alive.

Audiences will meet Claudia Stilinski, but it won’t be a happy flashback. Executive producer Jeff Davis told TV Line that the appearance would feature “a heart-wrenching scene between Stiles and his mother, Claudia, where we learn just how bad things got before her death.”

Fans don’t know much about Stiles’ mother. She suffered from frontotemporal dementia, which is cell degeneration in the brain that causes memory loss and even death. Stiles worried that he had symptoms of the same disease when the nogitsune possessed him in Season 3 and messed with his mind.

The circumstances surrounding his mother’s death remain mysterious. It was revealed that Stiles was with her when she died, and his father, the Sheriff, was working at the time.

“Teen Wolf” never explained how bad Claudia’s disease was, but obviously, it progressed rather quickly and killed her. Her symptoms in the flashback could be more than just memory loss. The Alzheimer’s Association states that patients with advanced fontotemporal dementia “typically become mute and bedbound.” No matter what happened to her, it’ll likely be a painful memory for Stiles.

In the present day, Stiles will have to deal with other family matters. His brotherhood with Scott is being threatened as graduation looms closer and a new pack member, Theo (Cody Christian), causes tension. A sneak-peek shows Stiles becoming suspicious of him, and Davis warned that Stiles will not warm up to the new wolf easily.

“[Theo has] got a history, and he's going to bring in a new dynamic to Scott's pack as he tries to win their friendship and their trust,” Davis told the Hollywood Reporter. “[But] Stiles will definitely not trust him at first.”

“Teen Wolf” Season 5, episode 2, airs Tuesday on MTV at 9 p.m. EDT as part of a two-night premiere event. “Teen Wolf” Season 5 regularly airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Who do you think should play Stiles’ mother? Sound off in the comments section below!