A full moon guarantees a weird night in Beacon Hills. The “Teen Wolf” Season 5 revealed that not much had happened to the gang in the last six months. It seemed they were in a lull after defeating Peter (Ian Bohen) in the Season 4 finale. However, any peace that existed was about to be disturbed in a major way in the Season 5 premiere. The Dread Doctors, Beacon Hills’ newest villains, were sending someone after Scott (Tyler Posey).

The episode opens with Lydia (Holland Roden) in Eichen House. She is catatonic, but after she suddenly screams, she tries to escape. It looks like she has learned how to control new powers as she pushes guards back with a banshee scream and smoke rings. Unfortunately, her new powers won’t help her escape. She sees Aiden (Max Carver), who died in Season 3, and he tells her she has to stay and finish treatment. 

“My friends, they’re all going to die,” she says as she is sedated.

The premiere cuts away to Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) making plans to move to San Francisco with Scott after graduation. Stiles doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. With the schools the girls are looking at, it’s the perfect place for them.

Scott says that he is more concerned with senior year. He believes that they’ve been in a middle place for while. No one has tried to murder them in six months. Things have to tip one way or the other. Senior year will either be amazingly good or horribly bad. With their luck, it’s likely the latter.

Their conversation is interrupted by Liam (Dylan Sprayberry). The newbie werewolf was chained to a tree after the last full moon. He had a slip-up recently but claims he is fine now. When the boys leave him alone, he looks at his hands. He is bleeding from clenching his fists. That isn’t exactly total control.

Over at the Sheriff’s station, Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley) has been on phone duty, and he is irritated that he hasn't seen any action lately. The Sheriff (Linden Ashby) gives him a noise complaint to look into, but he clearly doesn’t realize what that investigation could become.

It leads the deputy to a creepy abandoned house. He goes into the basement and hears someone in the walls. He thinks an innocent victim is trapped and works to make a crack in the cement. Black liquid starts leaking from the wall. A creature claws his way out and lifts Parrish off the ground.

“You’re not a werewolf -- but you’re something,” the creature says. His claws glow blue. He says that the Deputy can live if he reveals where Scott is, but Parrish claims he doesn’t know who the wolf is.

Scott doesn’t know that someone is after him, but things are starting to go wrong. While Scott, Liam and Stiles go home, the car has trouble. Lightning strikes very close to them multiple times, and Liam convinces them to move along quickly after they duct tape another part of Stiles’ engine.

The storm is affecting the whole town. Malia (Shelley Hennig) helps a group lift a tree off the road, but of course, the werecoyote quickly pushes it off the road by herself. She tells her father that she just has strong legs.

Stiles picks her up to take her to the school for a senior rite of passage. In the car, Liam spills that he knows Malia had to go to summer school and that she may have to repeat junior year if her grades weren’t good enough. She still doesn’t know if she is moving up, and she isn't sure she wants to participate in a senior ritual if she isn't in her last year. Malia also isn’t particularly happy that Liam knows all the details of her life.

They’re on their way to the Senior Scribe, and Kira (Arden Cho) is supposed to be there too. However, Kira is stuck in traffic. She climbs on top of her family’s car to try finding service. A boy near her (Cody Christian) tells her that he isn’t getting service either.

The gang heads to the hospital to drop Liam off while his dad is in surgery. Liam asks to go to the Senior Scribe, and Scott asks to see his bloody hands. He knows that Liam is struggling, but he tells the younger wolf that he is strong. That means that he’ll have to work a little harder. 

Stiles is concerned about Kira's absence. Scott says they haven’t been texting much while she’s been away all summer, and he says that he told his girlfriend to “go have fun” in New York. Stiles points out that Kira may have interpreted “go have fun” to mean they weren’t in an exclusive relationship. Scott goes on his motorcycle to get Kira from the traffic jam.

Back at the police station, the Sheriff sees a kid he recognizes getting arrested for what was apparently not the first time. He had a loaded gun on him, so the offense can’t be overlooked. When the Sheriff says they have to arrest him, the kid freaks out. “You’re dead!” the boy screams.

His deputy is still bleeding in the abandoned basement, and it seems his radio isn’t working. “Stay with me,” Lydia says before she kisses him.

However, it’s only Parrish’s imagination. The Sheriff, though, is actually there to save him. He brings Parrish to Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) at the hospital. When Parrish suddenly gets up with glowing eyes, the Sheriff draws his gun, but Melissa knows the deputy isn’t a threat. His wounds magically healed, and he says they have to find Scott.

Scott stops at home before getting Kira and notices that things are off. The fridge isn’t magnetic, and the senior scribe note has claw marks in it. He knows his lucky streak has officially run out, but he isn’t exactly sure what’s happening. He goes after Kira anyway and pulls her out of the car.

“Did you have fun in New York?” he asks.

“Not really,” she says.

“Good,” he says and they share a romantic kiss in the rain.

Back at the hospital, Parrish says the creature made it feel like the life was being sucked out of him. He thinks this new guy could steal Scott’s Alpha power. Before they could form a plan, Liam overhears them and goes off to Scott.

Stiles and Malia head to the school, and Stiles admits that he fears Malia staying behind because he doesn’t want to lose her or anyone. He doesn’t want to lose touch with his girlfriend or his friends after high school. He and Malia share a romantic kiss, but Malia pulls away when she hears Liam running up to them. He says Scott is in trouble.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t warn anyone about the attack. Scott and Kira are already fighting the creature. “I didn’t come just to claim your status,” the creature says as he lifts his claw.

Suddenly, another wolf attacks the villain. It’s the guy Kira saw on the highway without cell reception. However, he doesn’t put up enough of a fight and quickly gets tossed aside.

The villain digs his claws into Scott and takes the red light out of his eyes for a moment. Yet, that only keeps Scott down for a minute. He gets up and breaks the creature's arm while his claws are still in the Alpha’s chest.

“You can stay and you can break something else, or you can run,” Scott says. The villain runs.

The new wolf says Scott doesn’t remember him, and says they used to be friends in the fourth grade. His name is Theo, and he says that he heard about Scott being a True Alpha and decided to come back to Beacon Hills. He wants to join Scott’s pack.

Scott doesn’t give a definitive answer right away. Instead he and the seniors head off to the library. Right as they head into school, Malia gets the email saying that she is a senior. They meet up with a seemingly healthy Lydia at the school and they go into the library to write their names on the shelves of the library.

Stiles writes his initials next to the initials D.H. (presumably for Derek Hale). Meanwhile, Malia hesitates over which father’s last name she should use. She ultimately decides to use her adoptive name, Tate, rather than Hale. Finally, Scott signs his initials and then he adds Allison’s (Crystal Reed) initials for her.

“She would’ve been with us,” Stiles says.

“She still is,” Lydia assures him.

In a dark room somewhere, the creature that Scott sent running asks someone for more power. Out come the Dread Doctors. They creepily approach him and pull out a sword. “Your condition worsens,” they say. “You were supposed to remove the obstacles.”

They say that they don’t give second chances and put a sword through him. Ravens fly out of his chest.

The episode ends with Lydia in Eichen House again. She was telling the whole story via flashback. She realizes that Aiden is not back from the dead. He is actually a doctor. When the doctor asks about senior year, the banshee sees flashes of Scott fighting Liam, Melissa slapping the Sheriff, Kira getting in a car to leave and Parrish’s eyes glowing.

“And Malia, what happened when the Desert Wolf finally found her?” the doctor asks. Lydia just sees a flash of Malia looking scared.

“I know you remember what happened to Stiles,” the doctor adds. She sees Stiles in the wreckage of a car crash.

Lydia continues to say that she can’t remember her senior year of high school. The doctor pulls out a device that drills into the skull and claims they will use it to tap into her memory.

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