Videos of a high-speed car chase involving police cruisers have leaked online from the production of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.” Cast members Megan Fox, Will Arnett and Stephen Amell can be seen in the photos from the set. [Spoiler Alert!]

This video posted on YouTube shows Fox and Amell riding in what appears to be Amell’s character Casey Jones’ car. The camera has been mounted on the hood of the car. More images of this scene were posted on Twitter, and one of the photos reveals Arnett sitting in the back of the car.

Fox is reprising her role as reporter April O’Neil and Arnett returns as news cameraman Vernon Fenwick. The three characters in the car will be involved in a car chase with at least three police cruisers behind them. This video of the chase shows the black car making its way through New York traffic and being followed closely by the police.

Apart from the two videos, many photos have leaked from the production. These photos posted on Twitter show Fox dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and wearing a blond wig.

While not filming their scenes, Amell and Arnett sit down near a sidewalk and watch something on a mobile phone. These photos show Amell sharing something on his phone with his fellow cast member.

More photos of Fox can be seen in these behind-the-scenes images from the set. The photos show the actress in a black top and getting her makeup on to prepare for a scene. Other images of the actress show her walking around.

Some fans got to meet the actors during filming. One fan shared this photo with Amell from the set.