Temple Run, the easy to play, hard to put down iPhone game finally debuted for the Android system March 27, and it's available now as a free download. The popular game has gained worldwide attention for its simple controls and addictive style. Run. That's the game. Swipe left and right to change direction and swipe forward to jump. Oh, and there are evil monkeys chasing you. 

iPhone users got Temple Run in August 2011, so it took the developers seven months to bring the app to Android. Many have made a similar jump, but why don't more developers just make great Android games in the first place? Why is iPhone the testing ground? First, they make more money from iOS games in general. Second, iPhone owners tend to have more money and can afford in-game purchases for upgrades and more coins.

Finally, the iPhone predates Android by a couple years, so the whole system has been around longer.
We've rounded up a quick 'what you need to know' about Temple Run, and included some other awesome games that made the leap from iOS to Android before. Haven't any great games started off on Android before debuting an iOS version? Start the slideshow to see. Let us know what kind of games you like to play and on what system.

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