An enhanced photo of an unarmed black man who was shot and killed last week by police in Oklahoma could provide new information about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby said she shot Terence Crutcher on Friday when he put his left hand through the window of his vehicle. However, an attorney representing the family of Crutcher, 40, insisted the window was rolled up.

Damario Solomon-Simmons during a press conference Tuesday showed a zoomed-in screen shot from video of the shooting and pointed out an alleged blood streak on the SUV's window, which he said proves the window was not open, the New York Daily News reported.



Shelby's attorney said his client observed what he called Crutcher's erratic behavior. Having recently undergone drug-recognition training, Shelby determined that Crutcher was most likely high on drugs.

Although PCP was subsequently found in Crutcher's vehicle, it was not immediately clear whether he was under the influence of the hallucinogen in the moments leading up to the fatal shooting.

Solomon-Simmons insisted Crutcher did not appear belligerent on the video, which he said is subjective. “The video shows what the video shows. That’s the great thing about video ... it has no biases,” he said.

Another of the Crutcher family attorneys explained the photo, as well. "You can see it is completely up and there is blood going almost to the top of the window," said Benjamin Crump. "We thought it was important to address this misinformation that has been put out for public consumption."

Since the shooting, Shelby has been placed on paid administrative leave as the Department of Justice investigates the shooting.