Teresa Giudice is serving her reportedly reduced 13-month federal prison sentence in Danbury, Connecticut, and fans know little about what’s happening in her life while she’s there. But the public will get an inside look if Giudice writes a memoir while serving her time. Luckily for fans, according to a report from Radar Online, The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star is writing a book.

Giudice is serving time at the same facility that “Orange Is The New Black” is based on. It seems she will take a cue from “OITNB” author Piper Kerman and document her experiences for a memoir. The reality star already has four cookbooks under her belt, so she is familiar with the publishing world.

“Teresa believes a book about how she coped with being in prison, and the obstacles she faced, would be a huge hit,” a source said. “Having already published several cookbooks, Teresa is touting this as a memoir that anyone could relate to.”

The author will have plenty of time to write, especially since her family reportedly hasn’t visited her yet. "Her children had activities scheduled for the weekend, and she doesn’t want her sentence to alter their lives too much. It's important to [Teresa] that their lives continue as normally and uninterrupted as possible," a source told E! News.

Husband Joe’s absence, however, may be more of a legal issue than a personal one. "Visitors with criminal records are usually not allowed to visit inmates," a source told People. "The warden will probably make an exception because he's her husband, and they are raising children together."

The source also noted that it typically takes a few weeks to process the paperwork and get visitors approved. Teresa has been keeping in touch with her family, though. E! Online reports that she spends time on the phone with her four daughters, husband and her mother. When she isn’t speaking with her relatives, she is working out or reading.

Giudice reported to jail on Jan. 5 after pleading guilty to several fraud charges. After she is released, her husband Joe will have to serve his 41-month sentence.