Teresa Giudice is officially home from prison and she's ready to get back to work. There's just one little thing standing in her way: "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star is on house arrest. However, her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., says she's not going to let that hold her back.

In an interview with the Daily Dish by Bravo, Leonard said Teresa, 43, is currently home and being monitored through a tracking device on her ankle. She'll be ditching the high-tech, and highly restricting, accessory in a few short weeks. According to Teresa's attorney, she will no longer be electronically monitored starting Feb. 5, 2016. She will then finish out her sentence on "supervised release," which will allow her more freedoms.

"Supervised release is additional supervision but not as stringent as the home confinement/Location Monitoring program," Leonard said.

Although she is confined mostly to her New Jersey home, Teresa has been working hard to reconnect with her dedicated fan base since her release earlier this month. On Tuesday, she shared a video via Bravo TV in which she wished everyone watching a happy new year.

Completing her house arrest sentence is not the only big thing happening for Teresa in February 2016. The reality star and respected cook book author will be releasing her memoir that month as well. The book, which has been titled "Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again," will tell Teresa's life story from her humble beginnings to her rise to fame to her eventual downfall and imprisonment. The book was announced in July by Leonard and later confirmed by publishers. The memoir includes excerpts from a diary Teresa kept while in prison which details her daily life, including fights on the cell block.

Teresa was released for house arrest on Dec. 23. She was picked up from Danbury Women's Correctional Facility by her lawyer at around 5 a.m. EST and driven to her New Jersey home. Nearly two and a half hours later she was reunited with her husband, Joe Giudice, and their four children. As was previously reported, the children decorated the home with signs celebrating her release. Photos showed Joe, 43, waiting anxiously in the driveway with a special early Christmas gift for his wife. The "RHONJ" husband is said to have purchased a 2015 Lexus SUV for Teresa. The car was seen sitting in the driveway with a large, red bow on it.