The end of the longtime ABC series “Desperate Housewives” was met with the same question all popular shows face after their finales: Will there be a movie?

While some programs, such as HBO’s "Entourage" and Fox's "24" have confirmed silver-screen spinoffs, other shows such as “Friends” have completely denied the possibility of a reunion. For “Desperate Housewives” fans, there might be some hope of a movie if the show’s former lead, actress Teri Hatcher, has her way.

“I love the fans of the show so much, and they don't seem to be done with those characters. I think it would be great for them,” Hatcher, 48, revealed to Extra TV Tuesday. “If a script ever came across my lap, I would read it, hoping that it would work out, but I don't really see that happening,” she said.

While Hatcher, who is currently promoting the computer-animated flick “Planes” (for which she provides voice talent), hopes she might be able to reprise her "DH" role as Susan on film one day, she confessed that finding love is her No. 1 priority right now. “What I want to do is share all this great experience… It would be really fun to share it with someone special,” said Hatcher. “I have a window that's more open than it used to be, and I imagine that someone will come through it.”

“Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry in January 2012 denied plans of a possible film adaptation of the long-running series. “After eight years, I think we’re done,” he said, explaining that the storyline's ending was set in stone halfway through the series’ first season. And cast member Eva Longoria confirmed Cherry’s claims in June 2012, saying, “Our creator said there won't be a movie.”