At E3 2013, Eidos Montreal revealed details about "Thief," which is a "reimagining" of the series as opposed to a prequel or a sequel. "Thief" is the next installment in the stealth-action series that dates back to 1998. "Thief" will be released in 2014 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

"Thief" gameplay revealed that the in-game world is dark and gritty, populated by enemies and their hiding spots. Light plays a big role in the game, with the in-game HUD featuring a meter that tells you whether you're currently standing in a well-lit place or a dark area. The better lit the area that the player standing in is, the more chance there is that the player will be spotted by a foe. Players must also take care to walk on quiet surfaces when sneaking around to avoid enemies. Like in the original "Thief," some surfaces will be louder than others, so you have to strategize and plan ahead in order to sneak around as silently as possible.

Weapons returning to "Thief" include the bow and arrow as well as the crowbar, which can be used to pry open windows and crack open skulls. Water arrows can be used to extinguish torches that generate light, which can illuminate the player for guards and other enemies. Broadhead arrows can be used to take down unsuspecting foes, while rope arrows allow the player to essentially create a ladder for themselves so that they can reach ceilings and other areas that aren't accessible otherwise.

Check out some screens of "Thief" gameplay from E3 2013 below.

What do you think of the "Thief" gameplay footage above? Do you think that the new "Thief" will be faithful to the series? Why or why not? On what platform would you want to play "Thief" most and why? Sound off in the comments below.