At E3 2013, Ghost Games showed off "Need For Speed: Rivals," an open-world multiplayer-focused chase game that will be released for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

"Need For Speed: Rivals" players can choose to play as a cop or as a racer, much as in "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit." According to Ghost Games, there will be no lobbies in "Need For Speed: Rivals," meaning that the game is designed to let players game together seamlessly without having to invite each other into private games, much like an MMO. There will also be a natural day-night cycle.

Real-world decisions will factor into gameplay strategy. For example, Ghost Games noted that a car that sits lower to the ground won't do as well on off-road terrain, while vehicles that sit higher up off the surface will fare better off-road.

Featured cars in "Need For Speed: Rivals" include the Ferrari, which hasn't appeared in a "Need For Speed" game for seven years. Lambourghinis, Porsches and other cars that can "comfortably" reach 250 miles per hour are also in the running.

Check out some screens of "Need For Speed: Rivals" gameplay below from E3 2013.


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