Marvel’s upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” movie has an impressive list of new additions, from the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) to Hela (Cate Blanchett) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson).

But according to Flickering Myth, fans might also see WWE wrestler and actor John Cena. The publication based this report from the IMDb page, which stated that Cena would be appearing as himself in the film.

Since there will be an intergalactic gladiator arena in the movie headed by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), it’s likely that Cena would be Earth’s recruit in the battle against the galaxy’s strongest species and creatures.

According to earlier spoilers provided by Comic Book, the movie, which is directed by Taika Waititi, is actually going to follow the Planet Hulk storyline. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is going to look for his fellow Avenger Hulk and find him engaging in some epic gladiator battles. The two will then team up and try to escape the arena.

They will reportedly come face-to-face with Skurge the Executioner (Karl Urban) during the gladiator battles. Thankfully for them, they will run into Valkyrie, a beautiful warrior and fellow contestant who decides to help the two escape and prevent the doom associated with Ragnarok.

It has also been rumored that Valkyrie will be replacing Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster as Thor’s love interest. But Screen Geek dismissed these rumors. Thor and Valkyrie will indeed forge a friendship, and although there’s a spark between them, they won’t become a couple. Jane will not appear in the movie, nor is she mentioned at all in the script. Marvel president Kevin Feige said it’s because “Thor: Ragnarok” will take place mostly in the cosmos, and it seems like Thor has too many things on his mind to think of love at the moment.