“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tiarra is slowly starting to open up about her secret wedding and mysterious husband. The VH1 reality star shocked fans when she recently revealed that she was pregnant, and had tied the knot.

During part two of the Season 5 “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion, Tiarra (who also goes by the name Tia Becca) said that she got married a few weeks before the reunion taped last month. The model and mom of four has also been sharing images of her husband on Instagram but blurs his face out. She shared the first picture of his face Monday night during the reunion.

So who is this mystery man? Check out seven things to know about him below.

His name is Bryan

During an interview Monday with VH1.com Tiarra revealed that her husband’s name is Bryan. She didn’t give a last name but said that they’ve known each other “for a while” and wanted to keep their romance under the radar. “I kind of kept my husband private for a while like, even when we were dating I didn’t know how we would end up, with all the drama that’s going on,” she said. “I decided, like, ‘You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna be happy and I’m not gonna put my energy into Scrapp [DeLeon]’s drama or his mama drama.’ It’s the best thing that I’ve ever decided to do.”

He’s Hoping She’s Pregnant With A Girl

In a previous interview, Tiarra said that her husband was hoping for a baby girl and wanted to name her Brya Denver Shaw. Tiarra also said that her due date is January 12.

He Works In Music

According to Tiarra, Bryan has managed hip-hop artists such as Rico Richie and Quiktrip. “Everyone knows about him in Atlanta,” she told VH1. “He’s a really, really, really good guy.”

He’s Apparently Gotten In Trouble With The Law

Tiarra told VH1 that she couldn’t have an actual wedding ceremony because of her husband’s probation officer. “We got married at the court,” she said, adding that his probation officer wouldn’t allow him to “do a lot.” She explained: “She wouldn’t let him travel to the beach to get married like we wanted to and she wouldn’t even allow us to move in together until my background check came back clean. She is so difficult. We are planning a big ceremony soon on a beach, how I want it and we’ll have pictures.”


According to Famelous, Bryan got out of prison last year after serving eight years for allegedly selling cocaine. The outlet also claims Bryan was a part of an organized gang called the Black Mafia Family.

He May Have A Sex Tape

A few months ago, rumors surfaced that an X-rated tape featuring Tiarra leaked online. Famelous reports that the man in the video is Bryan.

He’s Not A Fan Of Karen “KK” King And Tommie

Tiarra said Bryan “hates” her being on the VH1 show because of the way KK and Tommie treated her. Tiarra often feuded with KK, the grandmother of her son King, and Tommie, her baby daddy’s on-and-off girlfriend. The model told VH1 that her husband thinks Tommie and KK are “disrespectful.”

He Could Appear On “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6

Even though Bryan apparently has some issues with some of the cast members, Tiarra said if she returns for another season of the VH1 show there’s a chance fans will get to see her husband. “You know he has his flaws and whatever but as far as how supportive he is with me and how he helps me now, he’s really wanting to do whatever I want to do,” she explained.