Tiger Woods' former swing coach is going to spill some dirt on his time with the professional golfer.

Hank Haney, a world-renowned golf coach who worked with Woods from 2004 to 2010, will publish The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods, which will chronicle his time coaching the uber-talented -- and disgraced -- golfer, The Associated Press reported.

The book will be released on March 27 and published by Crown Archetype.

Haney addressed questions about the book on his Twitter page.

Anybody who witnesses greatness on a daily basis wants to describe it, The Big Miss was my opportunity to share my observations, he tweeted.

He also explained the book's title.

The Big Miss has multiple meanings, he tweeted. It's part of golf jargon but it also refers to the missed opportunities that Tiger and I experienced.

Haney, who has been consistently named as a top golf coach by Golf Digest since 2001 and owns and operates golf facilities in Texas, has seen his fair share of top players, but none close to Tiger's caliber.

I get asked all the time about Tiger, what it was like to work with him, Haney told The AP. I felt like I had a front row seat to golf history. It just kind of chronicles a little bit of what I went through, what I dealt with, how I coached and the observations I made.

Haney was still coaching Woods in 2009 when news broke about the young golf legend's extensive extramarital activities.

Woods famously lost several lucrative endorsement deals as one woman after another -- including the errant porn star -- came forward and talked about their time with the, er, swinger. The National Enquirer reported in 2010 that Woods had a one-night-stand with a barely legal neighbor, leaving the then-21-year-old shaken and humiliated.

So will Haney's book add more ink to the seemingly endless reports of affairs?

Not so much, apparently.

It's something you can't NOT talk about it, Haney reportedly told The AP. My last tournament was the Masters, and that was his first tournament back from the scandal. I didn't know anything about the girls. That's not something I could specifically comment on. Everything I comment on is what I observed and the facts I knew. I didn't know anything about that.