Tiger Woods shed light on his limited participation in the PGA Tour events, saying his family situation makes it difficult for him to compete in more events. 

The former World Number 1 has been going through long-standing loss of form, and when queried about why he was not competing in more events in an effort to improve, he said, Because I have a family. I'm divorced. If you've been divorced with kids you'd understand.

The infamous divorce with Swede Elin Nordegren, after Woods admitted to having affairs, coincided with his loss in form and the subsequent drop from 1st to 5th in World rankings. However, Woods is seeing some positives with his golf and he added, I'm seeing some really good signs. Unfortunately I just haven't been able to carry it to the golf course yet at a consistent level. I hit spurts of it where it is really good and then I lose it for a while.

Unfortunately when I lose it for a while, I also don't get up-and-down at times for easy shots, so (that) just kind of adds to it.

Woods also admitted to having to change certain other aspects to his game, and not just his swing, which has been of concern.

He said, It could be pitch shots as well because I have to change everything - it's the whole release pattern. It is a release, how I release the putter, how I release the short game, how I release irons, drivers, they are all related. You just can't have one swing and not have another - they are all interrelated. It's just something I have had to change and you know, it takes time.