The widely popular Tim Tebow has now become the latest celebrity to be on the receiving end of a date request to a military ball.

Airman Jamie Walden has asked the Denver Broncos quarterback to be her date to a military ball in Shreveport, La., in April, via a YouTube video, which has already been viewed over 125,000 times. Tebow is in the same position actress Mila Kunis and singer and actor Justin Timberlake were when they both accepted similar requests from armed forces personnel last year to go to military dances.

In her video, the 20-year-old Walden mentions that the military ball will be the first one she will attend.

Tim Tebow, will you be my date to the 2012 Military Ball, my first-ever military ball, says Walden in the video. I would be the luckiest and happiest girl if you were to say yes and be my date. So please say yes.

Walden also recruited several other members of the Air Force and her mother to plead with Tebow to say yes, all of them excaliming Say yes, Tim!

Channel 7 in Denver reports that there has been no response from the Tebow camp yet.

Watch Walden's plea to Tebow below: