Tim Tebow was officially traded to the Jets less than 24 hours ago, but his new jersey is already being made available.

NFL.Shop.com is selling Tim Tebow Jets jerseys on its website. One can be had for $84.99

Tebow had the second-highest selling jersey in the NFL in 2011. Aaron Rodgers of the Packers was number one on the list.

Just because Tebow will be New York's backup quarterback, don't expect his jersey sales to dip. Tebow had the third-highest selling jersey during the 2010 NFL Season, and he wasn't even the Broncos starter.

Tebow's jersey sales will likely grow since he's been traded from Denver to New York, the largest market in the United States.

He may not be starting, but Tebow is expected to get a lot of playing time. Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said Mark Sanchez will start for New York, but Tebow will see significant playing time.

We're adding Tim to be our backup quarterback and to play in other roles and packages as coach Ryan and coach Sparano see fit.

The Jets ran the Wildcat offense with Brad Smith as the quarterback multiple times each game in 2010. New York will likely do the same with Tebow next season.