The NFL Trade deadline is set for Tuesday, Oct. 30. Of the four major sports, the NFL usually sees the least amount of action at the deadline. This year, however, could be a little different.

Tim Tebow’s name has been floated around as a possible player that could change teams after Week 8.

The Jets acquired Tebow in March, with hopes of him bringing a new dynamic to the team’s offense, as the backup quarterback. Rex Ryan said he would be utilized in the Wildcat offense, possibly playing 20 snaps per game.

Things haven’t exactly worked out as New York predicted. Through seven games in 2012, Tebow has had very little impact on the Jets season. He has 76 rushing yards on 22 carries. He’s thrown just three passes, completing two of them.

With his ability to move at quarterback, Tebow was expected to be a weapon for the Jets in the red zone. He’s barely been used near the end zone, and hasn’t thrown or run for a touchdown all season.

Since Tebow doesn’t seem to have much value to New York, they could look to trade him to a team that thinks he can help them win games. The Jacksonville Jaguars could be one of those teams.

Jacksonville has already tried to trade for Tebow once. They were in discussions with the Broncos in March, before the Jets came in and completed the deal.

Since then, not much has changed to convince the Jaguars that they don’t need Tebow. At 1-5, they’re still one of the league’s worst teams. Quarterback Blaine Gabbert has, somewhat improved, but his 55.7 completion percentage and 77.1 quarterback rating aren’t good enough for a starter in the NFL.

Even if the Jaguars are satisfied with Gabbert as their signal caller, Tebow could help them in other ways. At least one NFL expert thinks he could be a star running back.

Former Colts general manager and current ESPN analyst Bill Polian said Jacksonville should acquire Tebow and make him change positions.

“[Tebow] needs to be a running back. That's where he is going to be best in the National Football League. He might be John Riggins."

Riggins is one of the greatest running backs of all time. The Hall of Famer had five 1,000-yard rushing seasons in his 14-year career.

Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the best running backs in the league, but he may not be with the Jaguars much longer. He recently went down with an injury that will keep him out for several weeks, and he is set to be a free agent after next season.

The Jaguars would be an ideal landing spot for Tebow. A star in college at Florida, Tebow could revitalize passion for the team in Jacksonville. The team was recently sold, and there have been rumors that they will eventually move to another city.  

Tebow has stated publicly that he’s happy to be a Jet, but he might welcome a trade to another team. Gary Myers of the New York Daily News reported in September that Tebow might want to be moved, if he remains a backup.

If Tebow is traded by the deadline, his last game with New York will be on Sunday, when the Jets host the Dolphins.