The Tim Tebow experiment with the New York Jets has been proven to be a failure after just one season.

New York traded for the quarterback a year ago, but he never made much of an impact with the team. Tebow threw just eight passes for 39 yards, and ran 32 times for 102 yards in 2012. Even when Mark Sanchez was benched for a game, third string quarterback Greg McElroy was given the start.

Tebow isn’t expected to be on the Jets in 2013. He is still under contract for next season, so instead of just releasing Tebow and making him a free agent, New York will likely look to trade the backup.  

It might not be easy for the club to deal the former Heisman Trophy winner. If he were in high demand, he’d likely be gone, already.

Still there are a few NFL teams that could benefit from trading for Tebow.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks may have the best young quarterback in the game in Russell Wilson. However, the club has nobody to back him up.

Seattle recently traded Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders, leaving no other quarterback on the team’s roster. Wilson ran for 494 yards last season, and is at risk of getting injured with his style of play. Tebow’s style isn’t that different from Wilson’s and he could adapt to Seattle’s offense more easily than others, if he were forced to play a significant number of snaps.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers don’t have a reliable backup with Dan Orlovsky and Adam Weber on the roster. Tebow didn’t have much success last year, but he won games when given the chance to start with the Denver Broncos.

Josh Freeman had a bounce-back season in 2012, but is in the final year of his contract. Tebow was extremely popular when he played for Florida in college, so the move might not be very unpopular in Tampa Bay.

New England Patriots

Tebow’s track record has proven that he can be a better backup quarterback than many players that are in the league. Teams, though, are unwilling to trade for him because of the controversy that he brings.

With the Patriots, there would be no calls for Tebow to get the starting job over Tom Brady if he had a few good snaps. There were even rumors that the Patriots might be interested in drafting Tebow in 2010.

If any coach can figure out a way to put Tebow’s talent’s to use, it might be Bill Belichick.