Time Warner Cable Inc. announced plans on Friday to allow subscribers to view Internet video on their TV screens and offer wireless in-home networking via a cable modem.

Speaking at the Sanford C. Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference in New York, Time Warner Chief Executive Glenn Britt said the company plans to offer hardware to users which will help them view internet video on their television set.

Right now it's pretty hard to get Internet stuff on your TV, Britt said, according to Reuters.

The company plans to enable users to move video from the Internet, PCs, game consoles or any handheld device on to their televisions by to using a Time Warner Cable broadband connection for all internet connectivity.

We're actually going to have equipment we make available to subscribers, he said. It's actually going to be a new wireless cable modem that will allow you to network everything in your house.

Britt didn't offer specific details as to when it will be launched, but said within a relatively short time ... it's going to get very easy to get Internet TV on your big screen TV. He added that he expects it to take one to two years for his technology to take off in the marketplace.

TiVo Inc currently allows many of its subscribers to select Web video from providers such as The Onion, the New York Times and CNET Networks. The video is then downloaded from the Internet to a TiVo set-top box and may be viewed at a later time.

The announcement will also offer heightened completion against Apple TV and Netflix, which introduced its own low-cost movie-streaming box last week and has several more on the way.