Tina Fey left little to the imagination during her appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" Wednesday night. In honor of her last (and twentieth!) interview on Letterman’s long-running late night series, the comedic actress decided to strip down, way down, during the final few minutes on the program.

The incident began when Letterman, 68, complimented Fey’s blue dress she was wearing during the segment. After accepting the compliment, the “30 Rock" star revealed her plans to discontinue dressing up for televised interviews. 

“I realize that when you retire, this is it. I’m never going to wear a fancy dress on a talk show again. It’s very hard work,” she said, before going on to joke about the “contraptions” she needed to fit into the dress. “It’s almost medical,” she quipped. 

Fey, 44, went on to share that she only dresses up out of respect for the late night host. 

“What, am I going to wear a dress for Jimmy [Fallon]? That’s creepy, he’s like my brother. I’m going to wear special underwear for James Corden? That’s not gonna happen,” she said. “The next time you see me I’m going to be playing Charades in a Slanket.”

Before parting ways with Letterman, Fey decided to give him the ultimate send off gift: a strip down. 

“Because this is my last time wearing a fancy dress on a talk show and conforming to gender norms out of respect for you, my gift to you is I want to give you the dress,” Fey said.

After Letterman helped the starlet unzip her gown, Fey pealed off the royal blue garmet in front of his live audience. Her decision to strip down, revealing her tan bra, black bodysuit and what appeared to be Spanx, immediately resulted in cheers from the crowd.

Her undergarments read the phrase “BYE DAVE!” on the front and on the back, sported the hashtag #LastDressEver.

“I don’t know what to say!” Letterman said after the big moment. “Hang on here. Hold it… I’m told now we have time for another segment,” he jokingly added.

This isn’t the first time Letterman has been treated to a strip down on his show. Drew Barrymore famously flashed the comedic host in celebration of his birthday during a "Late Show" appearance in 1995.

The last episode of "Late Show with David Letterman" is scheduled to air on Wednesday, May 20. Stephen Colbert will take over for Letterman on the program starting Sept. 8.