Respawn’s first-person shooter “Titanfall” ended its beta last night, and gamers are still talking about their first impressions of the upcoming title. The developer also launched a new gameplay trailer on Feb. 19 on its YouTube channel.

“Titanfall” will hit shelves for the Xbox One and PC on March 11, and for the Xbox 360 on March 25.

Gaming site GameRant praised the beta, despite a few initial bugs.

While most of our 45-minute experience online was without fault, there is a 5-minute chunk where the four of us struggle to get into a Last Titan Standing match. It’s unclear whether the fault is with the ‘Titanfall’ servers or the Xbox One party system, but whatever the case something wasn’t working right. Sure, we could have easily edited this portion out for pacing purposes, but it’s important to include the ‘Titanfall’ beta experience warts and all.

“Once in a match, however, ‘Titanfall’ continues to impress. The fluid movement speed, the verticality, and the variety are still as exciting as they were back when we previewed the beta two weeks ago,” the site added.

A new 30-second trailer was also launched by Respawn, showing huge, prehistoric-looking monsters and a lot of gunfire. Yes, we get it. The game looks amazing and we won’t be able to play it again until March 11.

Users recently discovered the full release of the title on will feature 15 maps and 33 weapons, according to data taken from the beta release. Users on NeoGAF were able to uncover this data and posted the information on the site last Sunday.

User RazorUK employed a hex decoder to interrogate the code included in “Titanfall’s” PC version beta release -- finding the names of new maps and various weapons. Other NeoGAF users have added to the forum post with photos of maps and screenshots.

Maps included are Angel City, Fracture, Colony, Airbase, Relic, Corporate, Boneyard, Outpost 207, Rise, Lagoon, Smuggler’s Cove, Nexus, Overlook, O2 and Training Ground. The current beta includes Fracture, Angel City and Training Ground.

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