Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft is planning to reveal its Xbox One Media Remote this week. The Verge reported the multimedia conglomerate will unveil the new remote on Feb. 20. The remote is expected to hit shelves on March 4. Photos of the remote showed up on Amazon last week, displaying a simple remote design created to control the Xbox One.

The media remote will allow Xbox One players to launch, navigate and command apps and services on the next-gen console. It will allegedly also work as an infrared remote to control television or AV receiver volume. The device also possesses a button to launch the system’s OneGuide feature, but the channel changing buttons will only work in the US within the television app.

No price has been announced yet.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that the most popular Xbox One apps were Netflix, YouTube, Skype, Xbox Video and Internet Explorer – and over 685 million speech commands have been used to navigate the next-gen system.

More than 740 million hours have been spent on the next-gen Xbox One since its launch last November, Microsoft also revealed on Feb. 13. The brand also revealed that 2.27 million Xbox One and Xbox 360 games were sold during January, making up 47% of software market sales.

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