Are you looking forward to Respawn’s upcoming “Titanfall”? Gamers who preorder the first-person shooter will be able to score a few free features along with the highly anticipated title. Unfortunately, pre-ordering “Titanfall” won’t give early buyers access to the game’s beta or DLC. Respawn founder Vince Zampella posted a tweet on Feb. 2 saying the beta “will not require a pre-order, but no more details than that yet.”

So what cool bonuses can be accessed by reserving an early copy of "Titanfall?" By ordering through Amazon, buyers will receive a free mini guide from Roseville, Calif.-based video game strategy walkthrough publisher Prima. The guide will feature a complex map of one battlefield with noted points of interested. Game tips and a highlight video will also accompany the pre-order.

Gaming retailer GameStop will award consumers with a poster called “The Divide.” The poster will include characters from the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and Militia, the game's two playable organizations. However, posters are available at a limited supply.

Best Buy is offering 15 percent off the official Prima guide and a $10 gift certificate. If you purchase “Titanfall” through the Microsoft store, you will receive $10 off an Xbox 360 or Xbox One purchase. Walmart is giving away “First to Fail” tactical patches if you pre-order the game.

“Titanfall" will launch on March 11 in North America and two days later in Europe. The title has already won more than 60 awards at its E3 2013 premiere, including a record-breaking six E3 Critics Awards. “Titanfall” also won Best in Show awards from IGN, Destructoid and Game Informer.

In the game, players are able to fight on foot or as free-running pilots inside mech-style walkers called “Titans” to complete team missions and goals. The title is online multiplayer only, but it injects single-player elements such as plot, character interaction and non-player characters into its matches. Up to 12 players can participate at once.