If discussions on Twitter are any indication, “Titanfall” will outsell EA DICE’s “Battlefield 4” and give “Call of Duty: Ghosts” a serious run for its money, according to Forbes.

Fizziology, an Indianapolis-based social media company that uses social sites like Twitter and Facebook to track thousands of search queries, compiled seven days’ worth of tweets, ending on March 4, a week before “Titanfall’s” launch. In this timeframe, the company recorded 161,439 mentions of the game on Twitter. Fizziology compared this to pre-release tweets about other games – 2013’s “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” was tweeted about 32,677 times. EA DICE’s “Battlefield 4” was mentioned only 80,969 times.

bf4 Will "Titanfall" outsell "BF4?" Photo: Courtesy/EA

Activision’s popular “Call of Duty: Ghosts” was tweeted about 182,736 times before its launch. That’s only about 20,000 more times than “Titanfall,” which is the first in its franchise. Of course, using Twitter as an early means to measure an upcoming game’s success is only telling part of the story.

“Social media conversation data is increasingly becoming an important indicator of future purchase intent if the data is properly weighted and analyzed,” Rob Key, CEO of NYC-based social media and analytics consulting firm Converseon, told IBTimes. “This means looking beyond sentiment to understand the influence of those speaking and evaluating other relevant factors, such as intensity.”  

Fizziology also noted that 69 percent of “Titanfall’s” tweets were positive, which means around 50,000 tweets spoke negatively of Respawn’s latest endeavor. Twelve percent of the conversation about “Titanfall” were gamers hoping to play on Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One. Three percent of Twitter discussions were from people who had already pre-ordered “Titanfall.”

Meanwhile, Respawn and EA are working hard to ensure “Titanfall’s” launch goes flawlessly. The game’s beta ended Feb. 19 – and more than 2 million players participated. EA and Respawn hoped the beta would eliminate any potential bugs and glitches "Titanfall" may contain. Respawn cofounder Vince Zampella admitted earlier this month he was actually a bit nervous about the first-person shooter's release.

When a fan asked Zampella on Twitter Feb. 2 if he was excited about the game's March 11 launch, and the cofounder responded with “yes, but mixed with a bit of fear. We want the launch to be as smooth as possible. Beta should help.”

“People are expecting the game to have problems, and I want to make sure that it doesn't,” said “Titanfall” engineer Jon Shiring in an interview with Polygon on Feb. 21. “I want to do everything I can to make sure that it launches well. The Xbox Live compute platform is all brand new.”

An Xbox One update preparing for the game’s release began rolling out March 5. The update allows you to access your friends list faster, chat with friends playing different games, invite friends to games in multiplayer titles, view a list of recent players, livestream on Twitch and more.

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