Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige accidentally revealed the title of the highly anticipated sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Director James Gunn later confirmed the title in his social media comments.

According to Collider, Feige gave the title as “Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2” while speaking to reporters during a media day for Marvel's forthcoming “Ant-Man” movie. He announced that filming for the "Guardians" sequel is set to start in February or March 2016.

Gunn, on his official Facebook page, said he was “really happy” that Feige accidentally let the movie title slip, because he has also let many things slip about the movie in the past. The director also complimented some fans who got the title right after he posted the front page of the script of the movie, which had only partially shown the title. He said that he “wanted so badly to give” the people who were able to guess the title correctly “props at that time.” But, he knew that he had to wait.

Commenting on the same post, Gunn said he had come up with many titles for the sequel, but thought it would be “strange” to add “another bunch of words” to a title that is already “so wordy.” He decided to go with a short title and put it on the script he submitted -- and evidently the studio executives liked it.

According to SlashFilm, Gunn previously revealed that when he first pitched the sequel to studio executives, they initially felt the plot was “risky” but allowed the director to work on his vision. The director did not reveal what elements in the movie the executives felt were “risky.”

Gunn said he came up with the story for the sequel while filming “Guardians of the Galaxy.” He said the new movie will answer some questions like, Who is Peter Quill’s father?, and explore some of the characters a little more, while adding some new characters.