TLC members Chili and T-Boz are clearing the air after an interview via Australia's HSV-7 made it seem as though the pair knocked Rihanna for her often barely-there ensembles. 

While talking about artists that use raunchy images and sex to sell and promote their music, the video made it sound as though T. Boz and Chilli called out Rihanna, who has become known for her risqué personal style.

But speaking to Yahoo Australia, T-Boz and Chili said the HSV-7 interview was heavily edited and inaccurate.

“We never mentioned any artists’ name!” said Chili.

T-Boz then continued: “The unfortunate part is we were giving a positive message to little girls. We were saying that it’s cool if you don’t want to wear clothes. You can do what you want, we don’t care. We were talking to the little girls who want to be on television, or be singers -- even like reality shows -- that you don’t have to feel forced.”

T-Boz added that some of her statements were edited together with other comments she made in the interview, making it appear she said things she didn’t.

“They even took my comment, ‘a spade is a spade’ out of context spliced and cut it up and manipulated it to get a good story. I was talking about television shows and then you heard me say something like ‘every time we see YOU, you’re naked’ and then they put her picture up,” T-Boz said.

“Come on man, how can I talk about something I didn’t even see or say about? I’m over here working. Check my résumé, boo,” she added.

Following the release of the HSV-7 interview on June 6, Rihanna quickly took to Twitter to share her thoughts. She posted a series of tweets seemingly calling out the group and even changed the header image on her Twitter account to a picture of TLC topless and holding their breasts.