Todd Bridges, the television actor famous for his portrayal of Willis Jackson in Diff'rent Strokes, filed for separation from his wife after 14 years of marriage.

Todd Bridges also announced his plans to divorce his wife, Dori, on Twitter last Friday, reported UPI.

May God help us get passed this situation, he wrote last Saturday on his Twitter page.

He continued writing about the situation. However, he did not criticize her, and he only had kind things to say about her.

She's a great mother I'm glad to have had the years to know her and have a great kid with her, Bridges wrote on his official Twitter page. As we know, people grow apart and we did.

A representative for Bridges confirmed the separation and plans for divorce. The representative also affirmed Bridges' commitment to his son.

It is confirmed that after 14 years of marriage, the Bridges have decided that disunion is in the best interest of their collective futures, a rep for the actor told E! News. Although Todd and Dori are going their separate ways, they are mutually committed to the well-being of their son.

Todd and Dori Bridges have a 13-year-old son, Spencir. He has appeared in films such as Daddy Day Camp and an episode of iCarly.

On Twitter, Bridges began writing motivational messages about his faith in God.

Thank God for his son for he is my judger for all people who wrote bad things on tmz you too will be judge bye God so bless you for being, he wrote in one message

Life is full of changes God allows them to better your life, he wrote in another message. Either you except his changes now or you painfully deal with them. GOD has you.