Amidst a stunning win for the New York Giants at the Super Bowl, coach Tom Coughlin was enamored with so much happiness that he was caught on video getting a giant bear hug from none other than Flavor Flav.

In the video, Flavor Flav, decked out in pounds of gold and his signature clock, approaches Coughlin to congratulate the coach on his second Super Bowl win. Flavor Flav embraces Coughlin in a giant bear hug, while Coughlin reciprocates with a one-armed, slightly awkward, side hug, kind of like Vince Vaughn's description in Wedding Crashers of a hug where you like, you hug each other like this and you're a-s sticks out cause you're trying not to get too close.

Tom Coughlin's hugging Flavor Flav! exclaims one of the broadcast hosts. What in the world is happening here?

Think he knows him? one host asks.

I don't know but Coughlin just found out what time it is! the other host responded, referring to Flav's giant clock.

Coughlin moves on after the hug attack while the broadcast hosts continue to scoff at the incident.

According to Larry Brown Sports, Coughlin wasn't the only person excited to see Flavor Flav; Safety Derrick Martin took a photo with his wife and Flav, and so did Deion Sanders.

View the video below of Giants coach Tom Coughlin getting a bear hug from Flavor Flav at the 2012 Super Bowl.