Tom Cruise is focusing on more action-oriented movies, and in recent interviews he has teased about some of the projects he is planning to work on. These include the sequels “Mission: Impossible 6,” “Top Gun 2” and “Edge of Tomorrow 2.”

In a recent interview with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” Cruise said he is preparing to work on “Mission: Impossible 6” at the moment and that the movie may be filmed as early as next summer. The video of the interview has been posted on the Comedy Central show's YouTube channel, and it is still unclear if a director and a writer for the movie have been selected.

The fifth movie of the franchise, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, was released in the U.S. Friday. Talking about the anthology format, McQuarrie told ScreenRant the movie allowed him to “pick and choose” what he wanted from the previous movies and “let the story develop the way that it did.

Another action adventure movie that Cruise is interested in is “Edge of Tomorrow 2.” Speaking to MTV at the New York premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” the actor said he had an idea for what the movie should be about and has already pitched it to McQuarrie and Doug Liman, who directed “Edge of Tomorrow.” The actor reportedly wants Emily Blunt, who played Rita in the 2014 movie, to be back and reprise her role.

Cruise is also working on “Top Gun 2,” which is a sequel to 1986 movie about the life of a young fighter pilot. Speaking to Reuters, the actor said that “it would be fun” to get back to the fighter jets and added that he preferred the practical effects for the jets and not use CGI.

The report notes how the actor prefers to perform his own stunts. One of the most talked-about stunts in “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” involves Cruise hanging onto a plane while it takes off. The actor has not said anything yet about a possible release date for “To Gun 2” and “Edge of Tomorrow 2.”