Tom Hiddleston has officially joined Instagram, but the “Thor: Ragnarok” star isn’t exactly new to social media. There are plenty of places where fans can follow the Emmy-nominated actor.

Hiddleston’s official Facebook page is partially run by his team, but followers can easily identify which posts are from the actor himself. If anyone besides Tom is posting, they typically sign the post “Team Tom.” See his Facebook page.

Though the Loki actor was late to the Instagram game, he has actually been on Twitter since 2011. He isn’t on the social media website every day, but he updates relatively often (though he’s much more consistent when he has a project to promote). Check out his Twitter.

Finally, Hiddleston, 35, is now on Instagram. He joined the social media network with a photo of his villainous character Loki. It looks like he is in Australia to film the third “Thor” movie. It seems he’s still getting the hang of his new profile, though. He has only one post and hasn’t followed anyone yet, not even his Instagram-loving girlfriend Taylor Swift.


He's back!

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Though he has made his third social media account, anyone who follows Hiddleston will notice that he isn’t the kind of actor who hosts Q&A sessions or interacts with his followers a lot. He has previously said that he doesn’t love to look at what people say about him online. “I try to stay away from it to be honest because I think it becomes a distorted reflection,” he told Collider in 2013. “But by and large, the enthusiasm I find is quite benign, and it’s just gratifying that there are people out there who are just interested in the work and the performances and the characters.”

His Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have a nice blue checkmark next to his name, verifying that these pages all belong to the British actor. Remember, a verified profile is the best way to make sure you’re following a celebrity, not an imposter.