Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston brought Taylor Swift to meet his “Thor: Ragnarok” co-stars. He is pictured at Tribeca Film Festival on April 20, 2016 in New York. Getty Images

Taylor Swift already met Tom Hiddleston’s real family, but now she gets to meet his on screen brother. The pop star went with Hiddleston to support his “Thor: Ragnarok” co-star Chris Hemsworth at a screening of “Ghostbusters.”

Unfortunately, the screening wasn’t a premiere (Hiddleswift has yet to make their first red carpet appearance), but they still saw the movie in style. A movie theater was rented out just for the occasion, Us Weekly reports.

The two went to Gold Class, a luxury movie theater in Australia, to see the flick with Hemsworth, who stars in the comedy. It was Swift’s first time meeting the actor, who previously said that he hadn’t been introduced to the “Shake It Off” singer yet.

“I haven’t actually met her yet. I think they only got here three or four days ago,” Hemsworth told the “Fitzy & Wippa” radio show last week. “I’ve seen Tom around, and he looks happy.”

Hemsworth wasn’t a third wheel, though. It seems this was a group outing with the “Thor 3” cast. Mark Ruffalo and several producers were also in attendance. The group reportedly ate popcorn and sliders during the showing.

Hiddleston, 35, plays Loki in “Thor: Ragnarok,” which is currently filming in Australia. Hemsworth, who portrays his on screen brother Thor, previously joked that he’d get Swift to serenade the cast and crew. “I’ll ask her just to sing a song,” he claimed during his radio interview. “I’ll just hand her the guitar and in between set ups with the cameras I’ll be like, ‘Off you go.’ A couple of tunes would be nice.”

No word on if the Australian actor go his private concert, but it looks like he was the one who invited Swift, 26, to the screening. When Hiddleston referred to seeing the movie last week, he said Hemsworth organized the event (though he forgot to mention that Swift was by his side). “Chris Hemsworth had just hosted a screening of the new Ghostbusters film, so that was a couple of hours before the [Emmy] nominations were announced,” Hiddleston told the Hollywood Reporter. “I saw that with Chris and Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi, who is directing ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ then came home and brushed my teeth and went to bed — and then I was nominated for an Emmy.”

The rest of us will have bear with crowded theaters to see “Ghostbusters.” The flick hit theaters Friday and earned about $46 million domestically in its first weekend.