Rapper Tommy Hill, of the group R.A.M. Squad, was shot and killed in Philadelphia, confirms AllHipHop.com.

The source told AllHipHop that robbery was the motive behind the murder, although there could have been other intentions as well as Hill allegedly had associations with the mob.

Hill was shot Friday morning of Dec. 2 after leaving the bar Reuben's Marc, located in uptown Philadelphia on Stenton Avenue and Mount Pleasant.

He was in a bar having a good time and afterwards they shot him and robbed him, the source told AllHipHop.com. The dudes he was with shot back, security came out and it was hectic situation.

He was supposedly alive after the shooting, but died from his wounds at a city hospital.

However, robbery may not be the real reason for the crime. The source revealed that Hill's mob association may be to blame. 

He thought he was where he was safe and it turned ugly on him, the source told AllHipHop.com. To make it worse, word is they were like 'What was this rat a-n--- doing up here in the first place and he got his stuff on?' It is what it is. It could have been anything. He told on the Mob.

People sleep on Uptown and that part of the city. [But] this is the same place Cassidy got into his situation, it's just as bad as North and South Philly. He thought he was in an area where he was safe, the source concluded.

Hill had a successful career as a rapper with the group R.A.M. Squad, named after the Richard Allen Homes housing projects. Their best-known single is Ballers (Up In Here).

However, Hill was notorious for his legal woes and criminal record. In 2003, R.A.M. Squad was under federal investigation regarding cocaine trafficking. Hill was charged with selling 51 grams of crack cocaine to a government witness, reports AllHipHop. He could have faced up to 10 years in prison.

In 2004, Hill was involved in a trial against a family accused of harboring drugs and weapons of mass destruction, including: marijuana, as well as four hand guns, an ammunition making machine, an artillery rocket, three hand grenades and 20,000 rounds of live ammunition. The Philadelphia native agreed to cooperate with authorities and testify against Johnnie Bellmon, 61, and sons Harry, 41 and Benjamin, 30 in order to have his own sentence reduced.

The rapper was also reportedly connected to the mob via mob boss Skinny Joey Merlino. Hill said that at point the FBI was seeking information from him in regards to Merlinos illicit activities. The rapper was then criticized for talking to law enforcement.