It’s been a rough week for hip-hop.

Last week, rumors swirled of rapper Lil Wayne’s death after TMZ reported he had been hospitalized after taking a lethal dose of “sizzurp,” a mixture of alcohol and prescription-strength cough syrup. Say, it ain't so. The 30-year-old rapper on Friday tweeted fans he’s “good” and thanked them for being concerned.

Weezy isn’t the only rapper to fall ill this past week. Reports emerged Sunday that Tone Loc collapsed during a concert in Des Moines, Iowa, and his fall was caught on video.

Anthony T. Smith, aka Tone Loc, collapsed on Saturday night after finishing a song, the Associated Press said. As seen in this video from the Bridge Bash concert for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, paramedics rushed to treat the 47-year-old rapper, who was lying on the ground of the stage.

Three Des Moines Register employees who were at the concert said it ended a few minutes after the “Funky Cold Medina” singer collapsed, and fans were asked to leave the concert.

Police Sgt. Steve Woody said Tone Loc was treated by paramedics on site, but refused to be hospitalized, reports said.

It's still unclear what led to Tone Loc’s collapse, and his reps have remained tight-lipped, the AP said. TMZ reported his collapse stemmed from a seizure on stage.

This isn't the first time Tone Loc has collapsed on stage. The Grammy-Award winning rapper fell on stage during a 2009 concert in Pensacola, Fla., and he had to be rushed to a hospital. Authorities later said the rapper had heat exhaustion, several news accounts said.

Two years later, he fell again in the middle of a rap at an Atlanta concert and was hospitalized for exhaustion; and in June 2012, he collapsed on stage, which his reps attributed to heat exhaustion. Two months later, he reportedly had a seizure, which his manager said followed food poisoning. The AP said Tone Loc also collapsed in 1995 while attending a Los Angeles Lakers game.

Fans of both rappers expressed their concern on Twitter.

“First lil Wayne. Now Tone. Who is next Dougie Fresh?” @MattYocum wrote.

“First Lil Wayne, now Tone Loc. Is a seizure the new "Street Cred" thing?” @CrippledCrackah wrote.

Tone Loc rose to fame in the 1980’s with such hits as “Funky Cold Medina” and “Wild Thing.” He won two Grammys in 1990 for Best New Artist and Best Rap Solo Performance. He has also starred in several films, including “Ace Venture: Pet Detective” with Jim Carrey and “Heat” with Al Pacino.