Neil Patrick Harris hosted the 65th annual Tony Awards which took place on Sunday at New York's Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side.

Hugh Jackman took the stage with Harris for a little onstage performance and war of words. Jackman took a shot at Harris when he said, I've actually hosted the show three times, just a little thing.

Harris replied, Well I've hosted the show before too Hugh, and I've won an Emmy for it. Jackman interjected, Right, so did I.

I've hosted the Emmy's, responded Harris, to which Jackman stated, Television, right, um, yea. And you've hosted the Oscars. Oh sorry. No.

Harris: You're saying you'd do a better job hosting than I would.

Jackman: What I'm saying is, any show you can host, I can host better.

The pair segwayed into song where Jackman sang, The show is how I Met Your Mother. Stick to your sitcom, stick to your situation comedy.

The duo was a hit together, and Neil Patrick Harris has mostly received positive reviews for his hosting abilities by critics.

Neil Patrick Harris proves a wickedly witty host in a loose yet old-fashioned celebration of theater sprinkled liberally with TV stars to keep mainstream audiences interested, wrote critic Robert Lloyd in the Los Angeles Times. 

Amongst the evenings largest winners were Book of Mormon and War Horse. It was a great night for the South Park duo that created Mormon. The play won nine prizes, including Best Musical.

The British play War Horse, won five prizes, including best play and best director.

Watch Patrick Harris and Jackman onstage at the Tony's: