With the Google+ emergence into the market, social network rivals have another threat other than the social media giant Facebook.  Google+ will be pitted against other major social networks such as MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter as it looks to climb its way to the top. 

Google+ was among the hottest topics being tweeted on Twitter as it continues to roll out future features, including analytics for businesses.  Along with Facebook's 750 million users, Google may have multiple social network rivals on their radar.  Those with U.S. monthly visitors higher than 30 million includes Tumblr (36 mil), LinkedIn (40.6 mil), Twitter (94.2 mil), YouTube (137.3 mil), and Facebook (138.9 mil). 

Outside of the U.S., a number of international social network websites continue to maintain strong traffic and users in their respected countries.  Facebook has already attracted a number of international users.  If Google+ plans to reach out to the international market, these are the current social networks from other parts of the world. 

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